jueves, 11 de diciembre de 2014

Shepherd Bull X8 announcement

"Following a first teaser late last month, German company Shepherd have now released complete information on their debut entry in the competitive nitro off-road buggy class, the Bull X8. Previously an on-road only company, Shepherd have gone with a conventional design for their first ever off-road buggy. The Bull X8 is based on a hard-coated 4mm 7075 aluminium chassis, and it features aluminium suspension mounts with composite inserts to fine-tune the suspension geometry, aluminium shock absorbers with titanium-nitride coated shock shafts and 5mm carbon fibre shock towers. Included with the kit is a 3 shoe clutch with aluminium shoes, silicone-sealed ball bearings as well as a cab forward bodyshell."


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Patrick Schäfer

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