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Clean sweep for Shepherd @ South German Nats Rd2

"The 3rd round of the South German Championship in Türkheim saw a clean sweep for Team Shepherd with victories in all three classes. In 1/8 class 2 it was young Shepherd driver Max Günther taking the win while Maxi Vogl won the 1/8 class 1 with Patrick Nähr completing the perfect result by winning the 1/10 touring class.
In the south of Germany the 1/8 classes are raced together so the main final was a mix of class 1 and class 2 drivers. Starting from the pole-position after he won his semi-final Maxi immediatelly took control of the race and pulled away followed by Armin Baier and Bastian Gramlich. At the 20 min mark it was time for some fresh outside tyres for Maxi, while the rest of the field choose to finish the race with one set. Although Maxi retained the lead the gap was closer after the tyre change and due to Maxi's engine getting a little bit rich the final minutes saw some close racing with Armin Baier and Bastian Gramlich trying to catch up. Maxi stayed calm and crossed the finishing line in first position about 2 sec in front of Armin Baier with Bastian Gramlich completing the podium.

After an error free run young Shepherd talent Max Günther finished on 5th position in the combined final which was enough to take the overall win the class 2 two laps in front of Shepherd team-mate Philipp Kible with Alex Bremberg completing the podium another 2 laps down.

In the 1/10 touring car class it was a close battle between Dominic Greiner and Patrick Nähr all the weekend. Dominic was able to take TQ in front of Patrick, but in the semi-final Patrick was a little bit faster and took the pole-position for the 30min finale. The first half of the final saw a lot of position changes. As Dominik was hit by some engine troubles the fight for the lead was between Patrick and Mirco Thalheimer which saw several changes due to different pit strategies. In lap 60 Patrick was able to re-take the lead nad never looked back crossing the finishing line 2 laps in front of Mirco with Dominik completing the podium."

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